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Our approach to choosing wines

Finding, tasting, researching and ultimately selecting wines to add to our range is certainly the most enjoyable aspect of our work here at Woodshire Wines. It can also be the most challenging, given the very many wines from around the world available to choose from. What are our guiding principles in building our collection and how do we align ourselves with the overall wine market?

Our philosophy at Woodshire Wines is to seek out great wines that represent a high quality expression of the terroir in which they are produced and to find examples which are rarely available, certainly uncommon or perhaps even unique in the UK market. We hope this provides an opportunity for you to experience and enjoy something a little different. We are searching for interesting wines, which may be, and often are, handcrafted in low volumes by small independent winemakers and produced with minimum intervention in the winemaking process. You won't find the wines we stock in supermarkets or major wine store chains!

There are many, many good wines from just about all over the world readily available in the UK. We all see well known brands everyday in shops, supermarkets and online. These are good wines but often grown and produced on an industrial scale to meet the needs of a vast and growing market. Nothing wrong with that, but it may well impact the style, variety and quality of the wines being made and the pressure to produce at a price point that will satisfy the eventual buyers must be substantial. It can also mean that small independent producers can be “crowded out” of the market as they are unlikely to be able to meet either the quantity or the pricing requirements of the high volume buyers.

If we value diversity and individuality in winemaking then there has to be a route to market for the wines of smaller players. It is independent importers and merchants, including, we are happy to say, Woodshire Wines, that help to provide this outlet and route to market. We believe that there are many relatively small scale but highly skilled and innovative producers out there. Our goal is to help provide access to the great wines they produce. Industry trend data suggests a growing consumer interest in small scale, handcrafted wines with people seeking out lesser known producers, brands, blends, grape varieties, countries and regions. Consumers are increasingly looking for new and interesting wines with a story to tell. This aligns fully with our approach to sourcing and is a trend that we are very happy to see, as it will help secure wine diversity and quality into the future. Long may it continue.

For our part we will continue to seek out these producers and wines for inclusion in our range and hope you will take the opportunity to try them. Please take a look at our current range at and let us know what you think.

As you know, here at Woodshire Wines we are passionate about our wines and the great winemakers that make it possible for us all to enjoy them. Please feel free to leave a comment on the blog. Indeed if there is a topic you’d like us to blog about or a particular wine you’d like us to consider adding to our range just let us know.


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